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We specialize in acoustics in service sector.

Many years of research show that acoustic problems in service sector require specific solutions, to obtain feeling of real acoustic comfort.

We offer specialistic knowledge in wide range of problems concerning office spaces. We offer not only modern devices, but together in individual cooperation with clients we propose best possible, complex acoustic solutions.

The branches we cover: financial, commercial, banking, insurance, consulting, government, medic, administrative, educational, military, police ect.

All kind of buildings where are open or closed offices, desk-sharing and task-related offices, conference rooms, bank branches, call centers, etc. Each of them has its specific needs and treatment.

High-performance, specialist tools.
In cooperation with our business partner we use their own analysis and forecasting tools which have been adapted especially to deal with the specific acoustic problems encountered in the services industry. Acoustic comfort in the office environment is more than simply an evaluation of the ambience level or the reverberations in the room, it is also a question of the quality of the soundscape (environmental acoustics), staff concentration and efficiency levels as well as business confidentiality.

Existing buildings and new projects
Whether the project involves the design of a new building, a complete overhaul (forecast analysis) or the improvement of an existing situation (diagnosis), we cover a wide range of areas.

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