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C-ducer contact
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C-ducer contact tape microphones

An exceptional transient responce, very high immunity to ambient sounds.

C-ducer contact tape microphones are unusual both in their construction and sound. They are very valuable tools for musicians and sound engineers during studio recordings or live performances.


  • wide range of acoustic instruments - keyboards, string or percussion instruments
  • electric instruments - guitars, bass guitars (as a additional, interesting audio signal in studio recordings)
  • sound effects (e.g. creaking doors, step sounds, basketball boards - everything that makes sounds)
  • underwater sounds - hydrophon
  • industrial and mechanical vibrations

C-ducer contact tape microphones are capacitive transducers with a flat frequency response extending well beyond that of human hearing.

C-ducer contact tape microphones have a very high-impedance output, in order to make them usable a pre-amp is supplied with each microphone. These preamps need power - there are two types of power: Battery or Phantom Power.

We are the official agent of AMG Electronics, the manufacturer of C-ducer contact tape microphones. [www.c-ducer.com]

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